Our Advantage

We have a variety of channels to quickly and effectively increase your advertising revenue!

Massive Users

Sitting on the scale of 800 million users, efficient reach the target users.

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Strongest Resources

With nearly 300 ad slots, covering all types of media platform, the strongest media resources.

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Combined Delivery

- Advanced inventory
- Promotion of more forms
- High fill rate for highest eCPM

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Efficacy Of One

Is the integration of various types of network media, PC and mobile-side resources, to play a symbiotic effect, infinite zoom advertising value.

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Our Advertiser

Reaching your target audience can be so easy!

Huge Amount of Global Traffic

- We have a global network and wide variety of traffic sources
- Both PC and Mobile traffic
- Standard and exclusive innovative ad formats

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High Quality

- Premium and exclusive ad inventory resources
- Premium Affiliate partner resources
- Top LTVs (Life Time Values)

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Cutting-edge Technology

- Strong, accurate targeting in multiple dimensions
- Automatic optimization tech ensures your CPA target
- Supports all kind of tracking with a realtime dashboard

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Dedicated account management

- Scale up the campaign at your own pace
- Follow your campaigns in real-time
- Set precise user capping and daily budgets
- Benchmark data sharing with premium advertisers

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Exclusive campaigns with high payouts are waiting for you!

Top CPA Campaign Portfolio

- Exclusive offers from our advertiser partners
- Selected proven offers with stable revenue
- Cover all Geos & all segments

Intelligent, accurate and efficient

So that your traffic is much higher than peers.

Save time, High yield

Today's traffic becomes tomorrow's wealth treasury.

Cutting-edge Technology

- Accurate tracking, accurate positioning
- Automatic optimization tech ensures your CPA target
- Effectiveness of data

About Us

Why choose us?

Founded in 2014, Fluxmobi specializes in Internet advertising and Internet marketing, has a wealth of online advertising and network planning experience, with a large number of the industry's top network marketing elite. Our goal is to help you grow and exceed your every expectation. We support advertisers with easy, smart access to global traffic and help publishers get higher CR and eCPM.

After two years of rapid growth, we now have the elite teams located throughout the country. Delivering quality, performance-based advertising solutions to hundreds of customers from around the world, including creative and innovative technologies. Our professional team of professionals with its top technology to ensure that the CPA / CPI / CPL / CPS based on the business model satisfactory performance. Choose Fluxmobiand to discover the world of marketing solutions that are waiting for you.

Contact Info

Our contact information for the email address contact@Fluxmobi.com