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FunPlus《King of Avalon》

Background of the project:

"King of Avalon" is a strategy game released by FunPlus, mainly released in European and American countries. The effect of self-investment in the early stage was not satisfactory, and Fluxmobi was found in the middle of the promotion.

Project Objectives:
Get new installs, new users
project outcome: In the middle of the promotion, I found Fluxmobi. After a two-month launch cycle, the ROI in the US region increased by 50.85%, 12,000 new installations were obtained, and the CPI dropped by 41%.

Yes Auto

Background of the project:

Britain and Germany have profound automobile cultures, but the automobile industry is relatively solidified and digital transformation is weak. Looking at similar overseas platforms, the operating model remains unchanged all year round, and there are still many inconveniences in the process of users buying cars and merchants selling, which creates good opportunities for Autohome to go overseas.

Project Objectives:
Targeting the UK and Germany to launch into the market to gain voice and conversion.
project outcome: YesAuto's traffic increased significantly during the Fluxmobi service period, and the number of new user visits increased by 36%. However, the traffic growth of its competing product AutoTrader has slowed down in the past six months, and the traffic loss rate reached 4.68%. YesAuto has achieved phased results in the initial stage of its launch.


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